Queen Of The Dark Arts Joy Behar Says The Meghan-Free Panel On ‘The View’ Is ‘Perfect… Now’

In an extremely Friday move, The View co-host Joy Behar slipped in a sly jab at her former co-worker Meghan McCain, who’s absence this season has been pretty palpable. Adding insult to injury, Behar threw shade at McCain while another former co-host, Abby Huntsman, stopped by the show to fill in as the The View‘s conservative voice for the day. Huntsman and McCain used to be close friends, but their relationship has been a huge question mark as of late, and it’s honestly not looking great after this latest incident.

While having a genuinely pleasant visit with her former colleagues, Huntsman reiterated a claim from her new podcast that she left The View because “there were executives here at the time and people here at the time that made too many of my days too difficult.” However, Huntsman noted that “all of them are gone now,” which is when Behar saw her opening. Via The Daily Beast:

“Well, I miss some of them,” Behar replied. “I do miss some of them. I mean, I don’t miss—the panel is perfect now.”

That line, which can really only be taken as a shot at her frequent sparring partner McCain, drew a hearty laugh from the rest of the co-hosts. Huntsman herself smiled and said, “I did miss you, Joy.”

This is the second time Huntsman has recently been involved in a veiled shot at McCain. While launching her new podcast, Hunstman made it a point to say in the first episode that “I’m never going to write a tell-all book,” which was notable because a week earlier, McCain had just released her new audiobook, Bad Republican, that spilled lots of tea about her decision to quit The View. (Not to mention, the reports that McCain is one of the “people” who made Huntsman decide to leave in January 2020 after a short stint on the daytime talk show.) In short, high drama today on The View, and we’re not going to pretend we don’t love it on a Friday afternoon.

(Via The Daily Beast)