Shouty Judge Jeanine Completely Lost Her Sh*t On Fox News And Blamed Immigrants For Bringing COVID And ‘All Kinds Of Diseases’ To The U.S.

Geraldo Rivera was the voice of reason on Fox News while Judge Jeanine Pirro lost her mind while subbing for Hannity. That’s quite a sentence to behold, I know, but Geraldo’s been pretty levelheaded lately (compared to his Mafia-vault digging and troop-coordinate-exposing days), and Jeanine looks especially unhinged in comparison. She was subbing in for Sean Hannity, and things got pretty wild, so much so that Geraldo actually made the Jake Tapper face while she ranted unabated about why she’s so furious about undocumented migrant workers

Here’s a video clip of Jeanine baselessly lashing claiming that people from other countries are to blame for COVID-19 in the U.S. “They’ve got COVID!” she shouted. “They’ve got all kinds of diseases. They are being released into the United States! Now, you’re not going to tell me that a governor is going to shut me down and not allow me to do my job and let in illegals because we’ve got a heart? Mexico ought to have a heart!”

Whereas Geraldo pointed out that these migrant workers were deemed essential last spring while the pandemic started to heat up. Via Mediaite, Jeanine continued to yell while not realizing that President Trump had made the declaration about the migrant workers being essential. Via a video that’s available at Mediaite, Jeanine would not stop insisting that these migrant workers are taking jobs from Americans, and at that point, Geraldo had enough.

“Seventeen million Americans out of work are not going to go back to picking lettuce,” he countered. “Or go back to the meat packing plant or the poultry processing plant!” His point, of course, is that Jeanine could show a little appreciation for these workers that helped to keep the U.S. food supply chain going in the U.S., but the sentiment was undoubtedly lost in all the shouty fury.