Julia Louis-Dreyfus Broke Out A Rudy Giuliani Impression While Promoting A ‘Veep’ Reunion

There’s committing to a bit, and then there’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus smearing hair dye all over her face to roast Rudy Giuliani. In a very clear and hilarious reference to Giuliani’s disastrous press conference where he oozed from the face, quoted My Cousin Vinny, and spouted conspiracy theories that were so crazy even Fox News denounced them, Louis-Dreyfus busted out her America’s Mayor impression to promote a new Veep reunion that will raise money for the upcoming senate runoffs in Georgia.

“Over the last few weeks, many brave and patriotic Americans have come forward having witnessed similarities between our ongoing election and the TV show Veep,” Louis-Dreyfus says as the Instagram video shows clips from Veep that eerily match the events of presidential election. “And not just a singular example, but a pattern that repeats itself over and over. Literally thousands or hundreds of thousands of cases. To any experienced investigator or prosecutor this would suggest there was a plan from a centralized place, specifically focused on Veep.”

After laying out the clear and obvious “conspiracy” involving the critically-acclaimed HBO show, Louis-Dreyfus drops a My Cousin Vinny reference in this video.

She then gets into the details of the Veep reunion. Via The Daily Beast:

On Sunday, December 6th at 8 p.m. ET, the entire Veep cast plus some special guests will reunite in the event to benefit America Votes. A donation of any amount to help turn out voters for the two Georgia Senate runoffs at gets you access to the show.

“Be forewarned, we shall release the Kraken,” Louis-Dreyfus concludes with a smile.

(Via Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Instagram & The Daily Beast)