Fox News Has Finally (More Or Less) Called Rudy Giuliani A Liar After His Wacky, Hair Dye-Dripping Performance

Even before the presidential race was called for Joe Biden nearly two weeks ago, Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to outgoing POTUS Donald J. Trump, was on the warpath. In one ridiculous press conference after another the former NYC mayor has alleged voter fraud, but has yet to offer a shred of hard evidence. His latest couldn’t quite top the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle, but it came close, with its My Cousin Vinny rhapsodies and weird dripping goo. Even Fox News, long the place Trump could rely on to make him feel better, is crying foul, at least at Giuliani.

Correspondent Kristin Fisher was asked to weigh in on the latest bonkers Giuliani to-do, and she didn’t even try to spin it to a positive. “Well, that was certainly a colorful news conference from Rudy Giuliani,” the exasperated reporter said, “but it was light on facts.” She continued:

“So much of what he said was simply not true or has already been thrown out in court. Giuliani opened by making this really bold and baseless claim, that a lot of this alleged nationwide voter fraud that he’s referring to all came from one centralized place. He called it a ‘nationwide conspiracy.’ And yet he failed to provide any hard evidence to back up that one specific claim, especially when you’re dealing with a claim that really cuts to the core of our democratic process.”

Mind you, Fisher didn’t go full-in and call Giuliani a “liar.” But she stepped right up to the line, and the gist of her argument was unmistakable.

It hasn’t always been easy to focus on the content of Giuliani’s words during recent press appearances. You try to pay attention to what someone is saying when their head is melting dark syrup. But it’s all been fanciful nonsense, and so far all but one of many attempts to take voter fraud allegations to courts have been tossed, including by Republican-appointed judges.

To their credit, Fox News hasn’t been going along with Trump and company’s attempts to flip the election. While the likes of Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have aired his baseless allegations, the network was calling states like Arizona for Biden on Election Night. Even Fox & Friends hosts have been calling bull on certain claims, going so far as to ask him to work with Biden’s transition team. Trump hasn’t taken any of this sitting down, of course, but even if he winds up starting his own rival network, his old friend Howard Stern gives that the same odds as Trump Steaks.