Failed Arizona Candidate Kari Lake Is Being Trounced For An Old (Yet Telling) Tweet About ‘Breaking Bad’

After losing Arizona’s gubernatorial race, and becoming yet another example that Donald Trump is an albatross around the Republican Party’s neck, Kari Lake is now experiencing another brand of humiliation: people finding her old tweets. Turns out, Lake was something of a Breaking Bad fan, especially when it comes to a certain character: Jesse Plemons‘ Todd.

In 2013, when Lake would’ve still been a local TV news anchor in Phoenix, she tweeted out her thoughts on the Breaking Bad finale where she lamented that series creator Vince Gilligan didn’t write a less deadly ending for Todd, the weird, towheaded psycho who also happened to work for a gang of neo-Nazis. Nothing telling there!

“Am I the only one who didn’t like the #Disney ending @VinceGilligan gave #BreakingBad How about letting Tod run off onto the night!? #scary” Lake tweeted.

Some time in the past 24 hours, Lake’s tweet resurfaced and the failed candidate is being ruthlessly dragged for being an unabashed Todd stan. We’re talking she probably keeps packs of Stevia in the house and leaves a trail of them leading to her bedroom. But jokes aside, who the heck was Todd fan when the show was airing? The guy’s whole purpose was to be creepy as hell and a dead-eyed murderer. He was not what you’d call a sympathetic character or a sane love interest, but apparently not in ultra MAGA candidate Kari Lake’s book.

You can see some of the reactions to Lake’s Breaking Bad tweet below:

(Via Kari Lake on Twitter)