Kari Lake Swears Trump Hasn’t Dumped Her For Being A ‘Shameless’ ‘Spotlight Hound’

Last week The Daily Beast reported some bad news for Kari Lake. Sources close to Donald Trump said the failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate and weird Zoom background filer user was on the outs with the big guy. But there’s someone who’s shooting that rumor down: Kari Lake.

Again as per The Daily Beast, the former anti-Trumper went on Steve Bannon’s podcast War Room, where she basically deemed such reports fake news.

“Now, I know they just make things up from scratch. Nothing is true,” Lake claimed. “They attack the people who are exposing the truth… When they attack me, it makes me feel good.”

Lake also took umbrage with a report by Vanity Fair, in which sources said she had basically moved into Mar-a-Lago in a desperate attempt to schmooze her way into his 2024 vice presidential pick. If true, perhaps that backfired, that Trump and his team had spent enough time with her to see her as, according to one of his advisers, a “spotlight hound.”

“They have me on the outs and that the MAGA world is done with me,” she complained. “It doesn’t make sense. They are desperate. They’re grasping for straws.”

The Daily Beast report had sources saying that, while Trump appreciated her for being “loyal,” he worried she would out-shine him. He also didn’t like her “running around saying she should be VP.” She was also called a “shameless, ruthless demagogue who wants power and will do whatever she has to do to get it.” A spokesperson for Lake denied the report then and Lake is denying it now, too.

Of course, she also kept claiming, for a very long time, that she won a race she didn’t. So who’s to say?

(Via The Daily Beast)