Soft Lighting Enthusiast Kari Lake Is Still Pushing Wild Conspiracy Theories About Her Election Loss

There are two things we definitely know about the midterm elections in Arizona earlier this month:

1. Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake lost.

2. Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is refusing to admit she lost.

Last week, Lake — one of Donald Trump’s hand-picked candidates who sh*t the bed on November 8th, yet who also has a history of hating on Trumpheaded down to Mar-a-Lago to seek counsel from the former president/election denier supreme and possibly get some pointers on how to continue to insist you won an election you lost with a straight face. On Monday, a newly energized Lake took to Twitter to restate her commitment to seeing the results of her totally legitimate election overturned.

As Mediaite reports, Lake posted a video in which she broke the news to the people of Arizona that, at least in her kooky mind, their state’s elections were “botched.”

Lake, who looks and sounds like an HSN host, got her lighting just right and probably put on some Enya before sitting in front of the camera and lamenting the fact that “Election day was 13 days ago, and Maricopa County is still counting ballots.” Lake then went on to state that, “Printer problems, tabulation errors, three-hour long lines and even longer, and confusing instructions given by election officials made this Election Day the most chaotic in Arizona’s history.”

“Half of the voting centers that opened for the first time on Election Day where the overwhelming majority of voters were voting for Kari Lake, were not operational or had significant failures,” Lake said (we’re guessing that bit of illeism was a Trump suggestion). “Would you get on an airplane if half of the engines didn’t work? Would our friends in the media be able to broadcast their nightly propaganda if only half of their studio equipment was working? The 2022 general election in Arizona was botched and broken beyond repair,” Lake said.

While Lake swore that, “This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats,” you had better believe it’s all about making sure she is handed the keys to the governor’s mansion. The one-time news anchor claimed that “tens of thousands of you have reached out pleading with me to fight this fight” (Hmmm…) and vowed that “Rest assured I will — because if we give up now, we will no longer have a country.”

Meanwhile, Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates (no, not that Bill Gates) has been forced into hiding in an undisclosed location because of threats against his life from election deniers egged on by the likes of Lake.

You can watch Lake’s full speech above, or read the text of it here.

(Via Mediaite)