Kate Beckinsale In A Leather Catsuit Again? If You Insist.

Did you know they just made a fourth Underworld movie? I didn’t, until just now when Screen Gems released a trailer for Underworld: Awakening, which they should just be honest and rename Underworld: Kate Beckinsale in a Leather Catsuit in 3D. Know your demographic, Screen Gems. Sheesh.

Upon emerging from a lengthy imprisonment [15 years] in a coma-like state, Selene learns that 1) she has a teenage vampire/Lycan hybrid daughter named Eve (played by India Eisley) — the only one of her kind; and 2) vampires and Lycans are now being hunted by humans. [/film]

Beckinsale’s husband (whose name I can’t be arsed to look up) won’t be directing this one. Instead, directors Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein (Shelter) will be burning through all the blue filters this time. Besides Beckinsale and Eisley, the movie stars Stephen Rea, Michael Ealy, Sandrine Holt, and Theo James, who were all probably looking forward to winning Björn Stein’s money. Yes. A Ben Stein joke that’s a decade outdated and didn’t even make sense. That did just happen. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

Dat gratuitous air duct ass shot available in HD at Yahoo.