Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is Getting Dragged For A Pointless Video In Which He Reads Dr. Seuss’ ‘Green Eggs And Ham’

Conservatives have spent the last week up in arms about a very pressing issue. No, they’re not desperately trying to get stimulus checks to struggling Americans in the middle of a pandemic. They’re worried about Dr. Seuss books. After the late author’s estate announced they would no longer be publishing six (out of over 60) of his books, not wanting kids to be exposed to racist content, Republicans went ballistic. Now House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has recorded a video in which he reads Green Eggs and Ham…which isn’t one of the books that have been pulled from circulation.

What was the point of a five-minute video in which one of the top-ranking Republicans read a children’s book? Beats us! Again, Green Eggs and Ham contains no racist content and is one of the many, many Dr. Seuss books one can still purchase. Whatever McCarthy’s reasoning, it got a lot of people wondering what he was thinking.

Some pointed out that McCarthy seemed to intentionally choose one of the non-racist Seuss books, and not, say, If I Ran the Zoo or And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.

He also failed to point out that it wasn’t some progressive “cancel” campaign that got the books yanked from shelves. It was the Dr. Seuss company itself.

Others pointed out that he was reading children’s books on the taxpayer’s dime.

And that he probably has other things to do — like get that $1.9 trillion relief package passed.

Some suggested McCarthy read other books.

Some pointed out that Republicans will only listen to “doctors” who aren’t real doctors.

And others reminded McCarthy that Republicans don’t tend to listen to the message of Green Eggs and Ham, which is to be open to new experiences.