A Kid In Florida Called 911 Over The Christmas Playstation Network Outage

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this one. I’m not shocked it is from Florida, but I am shocked that it has nothing to do with drugs, strippers, or retired professional wrestlers. What it concerns is the recent PSN outage/attack that left users frantically taking to Twitter to voice their concerns about “assh*oles” who wouldn’t let them play their games on Christmas morning. It couldn’t be helped, but it didn’t stop this kid from reaching out. From WPTV:

Saturday, the caller phoned 911 and referenced the PlayStation network. In the 911 call recording obtained by WPTV, the caller asks, “I was wondering, do you guys know anything about that?”

The PBSO dispatcher temporarily asks the caller to wait while she asks others about the problem. Then, she returns and tells the caller, “Yeah, I guess some people have been reporting it.”

The dispatcher then suggests the caller phone Sony directly using a number that is likely on the machine itself.

The Palm Beach County police also Tweeted out this nice little transcript of the call, pouring salt into the wound I suppose.

I’m not going to go and say that the PSN outage wasn’t important. The FBI is investigating it, so I guess that bumps it up the list a bit. That doesn’t mean it is something to call 911 about. Probably isn’t even worth the effort to dial the numbers, meaning you’d be better off just staring at the ceiling and waiting patiently.

(Via WPTV / Kotaku)