All Hell Broke Loose When This Teen Got His Fingers Stuck In A Bench At A Shoe Store

When this kid named Ben got his fingers stuck in the holes of a bench at what appears to be a Foot Locker or some other shoe store, thankfully his friend was there to help him out. Not help him get him unstuck, mind you, but to document the entire ordeal — and yes, it turned out to be quite the ordeal — on Snapchat, later compiling the whole thing into this digestible video on Twitter.

Things go from bad to worse, first as mall security shows up, then the fire department, and eventually the freaking paramedics — as the bench was carried out of the store with poor Ben still attached to it — to try to free him from his metal prison. Somehow it’s almost like the kid’s finger panicked once trapped in the hole, swelling up to the size of a “hot dog,” and eventually metal-cutting tools had to be brought into the situation. Finally, after what seems like hours in real time, Ben was free.

Why someone would design a bench with perfect finger-shaped holes in it is another matter entirely. It’s like you’re pretty much just asking some dumb teenager to put their fingers in there. Oh well. Ben’s finger: 1, Bench: 0.