Kim Kardashian Appears To Have Damaged The Iconic Marilyn Monroe Dress And People Are Not Happy

After all of the drama that the Marilyn Monroe dress is causing, it begs the question: does Kim Kardashian regret wearing the infamous gown to the Met Gala? Probably not, but a lot of people are mad about it. Not only did she cause a stir when she mentioned that she lost 16 pounds in three weeks, but she also seemed to have damaged the dress, which didn’t fit properly to begin with.

The Marilyn Monroe Collection, the world’s largest private collection of Monroe’s personal property, posted some before and after pictures of the gown post-Met Gala, and it’s obvious to anyone who has ever worn any piece of clothing that there has been some wear and tear. The account notes that some crystals are missing, and some are hanging by a thread. Literally.

The dress was loaned out to Kardashian and is now on display at Ripley’s in Hollywood. Many were not happy with Kardashian choosing to wear the dress. She even admitted that if she were unable to zip up the dress, she would not attend the gala, though she showed up anyway with a fur coat covering the back because she wanted to have her moment. Of course, this isn’t surprising coming from a woman who is charging $500 for a full skincare line.

Between the dress and several exploitive Monroe-related projects in the works in Hollywood, many fans are begging celebs to leave Marilyn alone. As they should!