No One Is More Committed To A Yoga Routine Than This Lady Doing A Dang Handstand In An Airplane Seat

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with the stress and boredom of a flight, whether it be music, medication, a book, or an in-flight cocktail or three — not that I would know anything about that. But one woman on a flight from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas (or course she was coming from Los Angeles) last Friday was all, “namaste, bitches,” and broke out a full yoga routine right from her seat.

The scene was caught by WeDo founder Raad Mobrem, who did what any reasonable person in his position would do, and live-tweeted the unfolding spectacle before his eyes.

Because, honestly, would anyone believe him otherwise?

Say what you will, but you gotta give this lady some credit. Not just for commitment to her health routine, but for the fact that somehow she managed not to wake up her seatmate, as Mobrem later told Inside Edition.

It was pretty bizarre but it was also pretty incredible at the same time. She was doing it for like 20 minutes and then the flight attendant asked her to stop. In all fairness she is really good at what she does and she did it all without waking the guy next to her up, which is pretty funny.

Hey, you gotta do you, lady. I know who I’ll be toasting with a mini bottle of Chardonnay on my next flight, that’s for sure.

(Via Inside Edition)