A Fox Business Anchor Subtweeted Lara Logan Over Her Unhinged Comparison Of Dr. Fauci To Josef Mengele

Last week, Fox News host Lara Logan took the network’s anti-Fauci rhetoric to a new low by equating the infectious disease doctor with Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death” for the Nazis, who performed grotesque experiments during the Holocaust. The controversy has caused significant blowback for Fox News, as The Auschwitz Museum and other Jewish groups called out the network for “exploiting the tragedy of people who became victims of criminal pseudo-medical experiments in Auschwitz in a debate about vaccines, pandemic and people who fight for saving human lives is shameful.” (Logan responded by blocking The Auschwitz Museum on Twitter. Yup.)

Now, Logan’s remarks are facing scrutiny from inside her own network. On Sunday, Fox Business anchor Liz Claman took to Twitter to post a thread detailing some of the atrocities committed by Mengele in an effort to show that Logan’s rhetoric was way out of line.

WARNING: The following contains graphic details of experiments committed during the Holocaust.

Hate to ruin you Sun. but facts need to be stated. Nazi Josef Mengele performed experiments on Jewish twins; personally killed 14 twins in one night by injecting their hearts w/chloroform. Performed vivisection without anesthesia, removing hearts and stomachs of victims. Nazi Josef Mengele sewed two twins together, back to back, in a crude attempt to create conjoined twins; both children died of gangrene after several days of suffering. Mengele infected one twin w/disease, transfusing the blood of one twin into the other. Nazi Josef Mengele attempted to change eye color by injecting chemicals into eyes of living subjects, killing those w/heterochromatic eyes so that the eyes could be removed and sent to Berlin for study. Let’s stop w/ANY comparison to Mengele. Dayenu. That’s Hebrew for ENOUGH

As of this writing, Logan has yet to apologize for her remarks, and neither has Fox News. However, Mediaite notes Logan has been “conspicuously absent” since comparing Fauci to the Nazi doctor.

(Via Liz Claman on Twitter)