Lara Trump Is Being Compared To Cruella De Vil After Reportedly Funneling Money From A Dog Charity To Line Her Father-In-Law’s Pockets

Shortly after her father-in-law left office in disgrace, Lara Trump — spouse of his younger son Eric — was hailed by some Republicans as the future of the party. Unlike other family members, who are loose cannons (Don Jr.), tainted (Ivanka), not much liked (her husband) or disinterested (Tiffani), she seemed like a respectable choice. But she’s far from ideal, and a recent report that she’s allegedly funneling money from dog rescue charities into her father-in-law’s businesses should make matters worse.

According to The Huffington Post, numerous documents show that Big Dog Ranch Rescue, a charity linked with Lara Trump, has spent $1.9 million at the former president’s properties, including a whopping $225,000 at Mar-A-Lago, once treated like the “Southern White House,” this weekend.

As per HuffPo:

Internal Revenue Service filings show that the group has spent as much as $1,883,160 on fundraising costs at Mar-a-Lago and Trump’s golf course 18 miles north in Jupiter starting in 2014. Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, started being listed as a chairwoman for charity events in 2018, and the group’s president, Lauren Simmons, visited the White House in 2019 for the signing of a bill addressing animal cruelty.

In a response, Simmons defended associating herself with the Trumps. She was also, perhaps not coincidentally, among those spreading misinformation about the fraud in the 2020 election.

When people caught wind that a dog charity linked to Lara Trump was spending so much money at her father-in-law’s properties, social media was quick to condemn her. Some compared her to another canine-related scam artist, 101 Dalmatians baddie Cruella De Vil.

Others were simply horrified.

And some pointed out that maybe, just maybe, the Trump family is not as wealthy as they say they are.

(Via HuffPo)