Lauren Boebert Lost Out On Introducing An Amendment Because A House Chair Thought She Was ‘Bats*it Crazy’

Like her heckling comrade-in-arms Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert is an elected lawmaker who doesn’t make many (if any) laws. Instead, the Colorado representative spends most of her time making a ruckus, on her constituents’ dime. Even when she’s attempted to do something, a new book reveals, her colleagues have so little faith in her that they’ve shot it down.

As per Insider, Robert Draper’s new book Weapons of Mass Delusion: When the Republican Party Lost Its Mind features a story in which Boebert managed to almost get something done. According to House Rules Committee Chair Jim McGovern, he was shocked when one of her “flurry of nonsensical amendments turned out to be reasonable.” But it was not enough for him to give it a vote, as Draper’s book puts it:

“As McGovern would recall it, his response was, ‘We have a new rule in the Rules Committee. If you’re bats*it crazy, you’re not getting an amendment … ‘I’m sorry. We’re not doing this. We’re not doing this. I’m not going down that road. I’m not going to be part of any effort to legitimize people who are f*cking lunatics.'”

The specifics of Boebert’s punted amendment were not revealed, but perhaps in another era McGovern would have given it a chance. Draper describes him as a Democrat who believed those on the other side of the aisle “deserved an airing of its views.” However, after the Jan. 6 riot — and after 147 Republicans, Boebert included, voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election results after a violent mob stormed the Capitol — he “modified” his views.

Boebert is currently up for re-election, but the polling hasn’t been going great, with opponent Adam Frisch creeping up in the polls. But that’s okay, because she always has her rootin’ tootin’ gun-themed restaurant — or, wait, scratch that.

(Via Insider)