Of Course Lauren Boebert Asked Dave Chappelle To Take A Selfie With Her When She Ran Into Him On Capitol Hill

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert simply could not help herself. The controversy courting congresswoman (and confused Dolly Parton fan) is still attempting to make people forget about her public groping escapades, and so of course she is seizing upon every opportunity to draw attention to her not-so-inclusive agenda instead. And what better way to do so than by pulling in a very famous comedian who happened to be on Capitol Hill to visit some old friends?

Those friends do not include Boebert, although she was all too happy to lend that appearance. Here’s Boebert grinning away with Chappelle in the background along with Rep. Anna Paulina Luna. And then came the brazen caption: “Just three people who understand that there’s only two genders.”

Given Boebert’s outspoken anti-drag show sentiments, her caption was clearly meant as a reference to Chappelle’s dust-up over his 2021 Netflix stand-up special. However, the truth about this photo quickly began to come out due to footage tweeted by reporter Pablo Manríquez. Boebert is shown approaching Dave and asking for a selfie, and Luna thanked him “for all you do.”

Additionally, Newsweek followed up by relaying reported remarks made by Chappelle at a subsequent stand-up set. He had declared, “She tricked me” while also remarking that the MAGA cheerleader was “rubbing her mitts together.” He added that he felt “blindsided” by her caption, and concluded, “It’s a shame she tricked me. I had two tickets to Beetlejuice and I was going to give her one!”

It’s (not) showtime!