Lauren Boebert’s ‘Yass Queen!!’ To Dolly Parton Did Not Go Over As Planned

It would appear that Lauren Boebert is a rootin’ tootin’ Dallas Cowboys fan? Or at least, perhaps she enjoys the cheerleader getups, yet Boebert did not clarify the reason for her enthusiasm when she tweeted her brief thoughts about Dolly’s NFL Thanksgiving halftime show over the holiday weekend. The frequently incendiary congresswoman simply tossed out a “Yass Queen!!” while tagging Dolly without further comment.

Boebert’s choice of words is, of course, a bit surprising. Does she realize where that slang term originates, and does she mind that Dolly is an advocate for transgender rights? This might seem like an out-of-context question, but Boebert has expressed very anti-drag show perspectives, which was one of the reasons why people were so surprised that she had dated a certain bar guy because his establishment had hosted a drag show and regularly participates within Aspen Pride Week.

Then again, almost everything that Boebert says lately is interpreted in a way that’s unflattering to her, so perhaps the MAGA cheerleader was simply feeling super enthusiastic about Dolly’s onstage energy. Maybe she simply likes “Jolene”? No one knows because, again, she didn’t explain herself.

What is a bit clearer, however, is that Dolly Parton is no MAGA fan and rejected the presidential medal of freedom as offered by Trump. So it seems unlikely that she would want to be Boebert’s “Queen.” And as one Twitter user summed that point up, “Dear Republicans / Dolly Parton will never be your Queen #HappyThanksgiving.”

Yes, the replies got a little bit messy, worse than these, even.

All responses appear very positive about Dolly’s performance, though.