Lauren Boebert Is Blaming The ‘Beetlejuice’ Musical For Making Her Vape And Grope Her Date In Public

Two weeks ago Lauren Boebert got really into the Beetlejuice musical. News reports claimed — and infrared surveillance footage later confirmed — that the MAGA lawmaker acted up during a regional production of the show, doing things one shouldn’t do while watching a musical: vaping, aggressively signing along, and getting really handsy with her date. Since then she’s tried to make amends, apologizing for her antics and putting the blame where it belongs: on how excited she was to see a musical version of Beetlejuice.

On Friday Boebert took her apology tour to Fox News, where a curiously bespectacled Jesse Watters asked her if, you know, she had just gotten tanked.

“No, Jesse, not at all,” she replied, saying she was just “very excited about the actual musical.” She added that, like many, she’s a “huge fan of Beetlejuice,” advising that anyone should go see it if it’s playing anywhere near them. She then threw in a little joke, asking those that do see it to “please tell me how it ends, because I have yet to see the ending.”

(In her defense, the musical has a slightly rosier ending than the movie, which concludes [SPOILER?] with the titular chaos agent being sent to the after life waiting room and getting his head shrunk. How the big guy recovers is something we’ll learn when the practical effects-heavy sequel hits theaters.)

Boebert agreed with Watters that she got “carried away,” if only just a “little bit.” She also blamed the fact that she’s spent 20 years in a marriage with a stand-up dude and. Back when she was last on the dating scene “there weren’t infrared cameras watching my every move, but it’s a lesson learned.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Boebert admitted she “messed up,” saying that while she’s a “congresswoman and a public figure, believe it or not, I am human too.”

In other news, it appears Boebert’s date that night — a Democrat who owns a drag queen-friendly bar — was as surprised as everyone else that the two had parted ways.