Report: Lauren Boebert’s Democrat Bar Guy ‘May Not Have Got That Memo’ About Their Lack Of ‘Future Date Nights’

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert has not been thrilled about the Beetlejuice fallout and insists that she was acting as a “private citizen” while groping her Democrat Bar Guy date in the middle of a crowded theater where families were present. As for Quinn Gallagher’s fallout, he’s been watching his Aspen bar get review-bombed. Additionally, Boebert told TMZ that “future date nights” were off the table and that she would be checking voter registration cards or something in the future. This likely had to do with word that Bar Guy’s trendy joint had hosted a drag show, whereas Boebert has railed against drag shows, which she believes corrupt younger generations.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has been covering Bar Guy on the ground in Aspen. He probably isn’t too thrilled about this for understandable reasons. The publication suggests that he “may not have got that memo” that Boebert sent via TMZ. This is all sheer speculation, of course, but the Daily Mail seems to relish how Gallagher declined to speak about a possible breakup (“I’m sorry I’m not in a position to say anything about that”), and then the publication suggests that he had a dramatic phone call with somebody. Hmm:

As he walked away, the congresswoman’s boyfriend then hastily placed what turned out to be a lengthy phone call.

During the evidently animated conversation that followed, he put his head in his hands and gestured in the air more than once.

Dressed in plaid shirt and jeans, at times he paced on the sidewalk opposite his Aspen bar while at others he sat on a nearby park table.

He remained head down and immersed in his phone, texting long after the call had finished.

You know, he could have been talking about anything with anybody during this call. Maybe it was a very intense discussion about football, and this might have nothing to do with his ex-vaping/groping partner.

Nonetheless, the Daily Mail does more speculating and adds that they’ve heard that “the couple have been quietly dating for several months.” This sentiment also recently surfaced on TMZ, which spoke to Kendra Matic, “the lone drag performer who took the stage at Quinn Gallagher’s Aspen bar back in January.” According to Kendra, there are plenty of “gossip” stories about Boebert and Bar Guy dating for awhile before the Beetlejuice scandal broke. Additionally, Kendra revealed that she found Gallagher to be respectful and easy to work with, but doesn’t exactly have a high opinion of Boebert. And considering what Boebert says about drag performers, that’s fair.

(Via Daily Mail & TMZ)