Lauren Boebert’s Own Campaign Staff Doesn’t Know What State She Represents, Apparently

Sometimes, Representative Lauren Boebert just makes dragging her too easy.

Case in point: in a recent filing with the Federal Election Commission to amend her quarterly earnings, Boebert’s staff listed Utah as the gun-loving GOP member’s home state. And that’s news to all of us because Boebert currently represents the state of Colorado.

Forbes first caught the error Friday morning and reached out to the Congresswoman’s team. Boebert’s spokesperson Jake Settle responded, thanking the news outlet for making them aware of the error and promising he had “flagged it” for Team Boebert. A short time later, Boebert’s office filed another amendment to her Q3 report where her district was back in Colorado. This gaffe marks the latest embarrassing headline for the young Congresswoman who’s been fielding allegations regarding misuse of campaign funds — she reportedly used campaign donations to pay for her business’ rent and utilities back home — and accusations that she, along with Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republican dissenters, helped plan the Jan. 6th insurrection, working with organizers to map out their assault on the Capitol building days before.

Obviously, fudging which state you’re representing on some FEC documents pales in comparison to possibly backing a treasonous insurrection meant to thwart our democratic process, but we have to think it’s just as embarrassing. In fact, the only people we feel sorry for more than whichever intern inevitably gets blamed for this elementary mistake are Boebert’s constituents in Colorado. If she can’t remember which district in which state she serves, that doesn’t give us much hope she’s actually doing anything for the people who elected her.