Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s Latest Twitter Stumble Has Led To A Most Unfortunate (For Her) Hashtag

Rifle-Republican Lauren Boebert (R-CO) never ceases to amaze over how willing she is to step in it on Twitter. From her praise of the Taliban to really odd Siri questions and rude pronoun discussions, she never manages to sound, well, like an empathetic human being. The backlash to her tweets remains consistently fierce, yet Boebert either doesn’t look at her notifications, or she doesn’t mind. Well, she actually did delete her tweeted thoughts that confused Samuel Adams with John Adams, but that was an exception.

For the most part, Boebert is like the Energizer Bunny Who Does Not Care, and she’s all kinds of upset about the fencing around the U.S. Capitol. That protective wiring, obviously, is a response to the January 6 insurrection and a preventative measure ahead of the September 18 right-wing rally that has Capitol Police to reveal how they’ve bracing for violence, but Boebert remains incredibly offended at the thought of fencing.

“Open Borders Nancy Pelosi is getting ready to put the Capitol Fence back up,” the Shooters Grill owner tweeted. “Nothing says ‘The People’s House’ quite like razor wire.”

This tweet coincided with a tweet from Marina Zimmerman, a Colorado “blue-collar conservative” candidate, who tweeted about how strange it is that Boebert is angry about preventative measures at the U.S. Capitol. Zimmerman then suggested that “#BoebertELee” (so named for the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee) should trend as a new Boebert nickname.

Well, the suggestion worked like a charm. Jokes about “the Battle of Shooters Grill” began to circulate like wildfire, along with tweets that aimed to point out to Boebert that the wiring is in place “so your fellow Confederates can’t kill more cops.” And with that, people were off to the Twitter races.

No doubt, Boebert will dust herself off and come back swinging.