Lauren Boebert Showed Up To The Capitol Too Late To Vote Against The Debt Ceiling Bill She Raged So Hard Against

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert has been raging for weeks on subjects related to the debt ceiling, and she’s been ranting for days about the deal waged by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden. Granted, she’s also been preoccupied lately with the “unbecoming” congressional hoodie of John Fetterman and taking continued swipes at Bud Light, but one would imagine that showing up for the House vote on the debt ceiling deal, known as the Fiscal Reponsibility Act of 2023 or H.R. 3746, would be a top priority.

Not so much, apparently. Boebert has been mightily tweeting against the deal and vowing, “You can count me as a NO on this deal.”

And yet, she didn’t make it on time for the Wednesday evening vote, during which the House passed the bill (which awaits further action by the Senate). As Axios Capitol Hill Reporter Juliegrace Brufke noted, “Rep. Lauren Boebert narrowly missed the vote, running up the steps right as they gaveled.”

For verification purposes, here’s a screencap of the website that shows Boebert’s status as “Not Voting.”

US House Vote Debt Ceiling Bill

What happened? Boebert hasn’t delivered a formal statement on her tardiness, nor has she tweeted about the subject. Actually, she hasn’t tweeted at all since this happened. (This must have taken the root out of her toot.) However, in an array of tweets this week, Boebert urged her fellow Republicans to vote against the bill, calling it “classic Washington DC swamp garbage” while adding, “No sensible conservative can vote for this.”

To be fair on that second quote up there, sure, Boebert kept her word on not voting for the bill. Yet she didn’t vote against it either, which is super awkward. So with that said, Twitter user Damon Mast presented, “A play in three (short) acts starring Lauren Boebert.”