Lauren Boebert, Who Very Recently Received Her GED, Walked Right Into A Minefield While Trashing Student Loan Forgiveness

As expected, the far-right is not down with Biden’s (modest) student loan debt forgiveness plan. A whole host of Republicans (including MAGA cheerleader Marjorie Taylor Greene) are hopping mad that people are seeing a drop in the bucket of relief ($10,000 for most federal loan borrowers) against a predatory lending scheme.

As one might expect, Lauren Boebert is also ready to pull out her guns over this development, proving that she didn’t learn after being piled onto after she seconded former Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s call to abolish the Education Department. And really, there’s nothing wrong with getting a GED, but Boebert famously secured hers less than a year (as she reportedly told the Durango Herald) before her House election. She has subsequently refused to study up on what she needs to know as a lawmaker (an understanding of civics and the U.S. Constitution beyond the Second Amendment). Boebert is also so good at mismanaging money — she used campaign funds to pay rent and reportedly bought breast implants with money that should have paid her Shooters’ Grill employees — that it’s rather rich of her to bash the smallest amount of debt forgiveness for education.

“I loved paying back my student loans so much that I want to do it for other people,” the rooting’ tootin’ lawmaker tweeted. “[S]aid by no one ever.”

Let’s just say that Boebert probably should have stayed out of this fight. Again, there’s nothing wrong with holding a GED, but it does give people ammunition when said GED holder (who is bad at managing money) decides to bash people who inadvertently signed up for a lifetime of debt to advance their own education. And she’s being compared to Madison Cawthorn for that level of hypocrisy, too.

There are no real winners in this argument, but Boebert clearly should have stuck to tweeting about guns this week.