Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert Claimed To Have Befriended A Goat, And The Jokes Almost Wrote Themselves

Rifle-Republican Lauren Boebert (R-CO) might be in an unofficial self-own competition with Ted Cruz. It’s hard to guess why else both of them can’t stop being the public figures on Twitter who most frequently embarrass themselves, but between her praise of the Taliban, silly Siri question, and not-so-kind pronoun discussion, she can’t stop tripping herself up. Following her most recent shenanigans (a tweet-and-delete in which she confused Samuel Adams with John Adams), Boebert still hasn’t stepped away from social media for a break. And now, she’s dragged a poor goat into it.

On Labor Day, Boebert showed off a photo of herself (in a lily-white dress, presumably for a Sunday occasion) with a goat who could not possibly look less thrilled to be seen with the right-wing congresswoman. “I made a new friend yesterday!” she excitedly tweeted with her true intentions remaining unknown.

Well, people immediately started feeling bad for this poor goat. He didn’t look enthused to be hanging out with an incendiary lawmaker who’s also been complaining about redistricting, even as Republicans often delight in actual gerrymandering at any given opportunity. That’s beside the immediate point, though.

Look at this goat’s face. No really. He knows the drill.

Goaty McGoaterson for mayor of any town. Any town at all.