Lauren Boebert Got Promptly Roasted After Asking People What They’re Grateful For After A Year Of ‘Draconian Restrictions’

Representative Lauren Boebert is starting to reach Ted Cruz levels of having tweets blow up in her face. The congresswoman from Colorado kicked off her Tuesday morning by asking people what they’re thankful for after a year of “draconian restrictions.” However, Boebert may or may not care that everyone can see her tweet, not only Republicans who would agree with her overly dramatic description of recommended measures that helped stem the spread of the coronavirus.

“Gratitude has been a difficulty in the last year,” Boebert tweeted. “All of us have faced challenges being limited by draconian restrictions. I am grateful for the chance to serve my nation & grateful in knowing strength is developed in adversity. What’s one thing you’re grateful for today?”

After practically rolling out the red carpet to her many detractors, the rootin’ tootin’ representative was quickly roasted as the replies brought up everything from her alleged involvement in the Capitol insurrection to her and her husband’s past run-ins with the law. There were also a few dunks reminding Boebert that Biden won despite her efforts to falsely claim the president election was “stolen.”

Of course, this latest social media blunder is mild compared to Boebert’s last scandal where she posted a video demanding that Nancy Pelosi tear down the fence protecting the Capitol and ended her argument with two gunshots. Invoking violence so soon after the January 6 attack led to numerous condemnations of Boebert’s video.

“What we have seen over the last three years, and certainly on January 6th, is that words have consequences, especially if you’re an elected official,” fellow Colorado Congressman Jason Crow said in a statement denouncing Boebert’s use of gun violence. “People listen to you and they act on what you say, and very real people are getting hurt and getting killed, because some people don’t understand that. That’s a leadership failure and we can’t tolerate it.”

(Via Lauren Boebert on Twitter)

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