Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert Attempted To Shame John Fetterman’s ‘Unbecoming’ Congressional Hoodie And Received Some Swift Comeuppance

Lauren Boebert’s drama-filled week has included her pushback against a process server’s account of how her husband reacted when he received divorce papers. She’s been understandably distracted from her usual antics like showing off a “hole puncher” t-shirt and telling unbelievable “lipstick” stories, but she’s getting back into gear, at least on social media.

Boebert decided to let the world know how offended she was to see John Fetterman attend a May 18 news conference while wearing a hoodie and shorts. Fetterman has famously been wearing sneakers even with his suits, and he decided to completely keep it even realer here, which arguably is a statement, considering that this event was about the debt ceiling.

John Fetterman Congressional Hoodie
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Still, Boebert saw fit to lob criticism his way.

“John Fetterman redefined Casual Friday on a Thursday morning,” Boebert disapprovingly tweeted. “It’s truly unbecoming for someone to show up like that to any job, let alone a job that only 100 people are elected to do. There’s just no excuse for it.”

I had never planned to mention Boebert’s own Casual Friday attire because, honestly, as long as Congress is doing their jobs, who cares what they are wearing? Yet since Boebert brought the subject up, here’s her version on March 23. That doesn’t look comfy, but she seems to be happy with it.

Lauren Boebert Jeans Congress
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And here’s what she wore on May 18, the day she took umbrage with the Fetterman hoodie.

Lauren Boebert
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Again, dressing habits weren’t on the table until Boebert put them there, but beyond that, Boebert’s use of the word “unbecoming” does bring to mind her behavior in heckling President Biden while he talked about his dead son, Beau, during his first State Of The Union address. People have not forgotten.

As well, some users are siding with Fetterman because a hoodie “inspires more trust than some dude in a suit.” As well, shouldn’t the decision (if there is one) be up to Fetterman’s constituents when he’s up for reelection?

And the debt ceiling talks continue. Maybe Boebert will look up from Twitter at some point to join them.