Lauren Boebert May Have Outdone Herself With The T-Shirt That She Posed With While Visiting A Gun Range In Her Home District

Lauren Boebert went back to her home state of Colorado, apparently to spread a little bit of Internet chaos. That’s what happened after she visited a gun range, and everyone knows how much Boebert loves her guns and feels triggered when she believes that someone will try to take them away.

Still, it’s been relatively quiet on the Boebert front since her Rosa Parks fiasco, but she did recently inspire her constituents to defy her warning about drag story times, so there’s that. Over the weekend, Boebert also visited Montrose and popped into the San Juan Shooting Range and subsequently tweeted photos (not to be confused with the above photo, taken at her now-defunct Shooter’s Grill restaurant) on Saturday.

Of particular interest is the shirt that takes a swing at pronouns while declaring, “Since we’re redefining everything, this is a cordless hole puncher.” This is, of course, not going well considering that we have multiple mass shootings each week in the U.S. This past Friday this also included a Texas massacre after a suspect allegedly grew enraged when asked to stop disturbing a sleeping baby. The shooter attacked the family “execution style,” and let’s just say that people came for Boebert and asked why she couldn’t let the “love affair with guns” (and a hole-punch joke) rest for a few days.

(Via People)