Lauren Boebert’s Highly Questionable ‘Lipstick’ Photo Is Fooling No One, And The Same Question Keeps Popping Up

Lauren Boebert is rootin’ and tootin’ all over her Colorado district lately, and if you wondered if she would enjoy some downtime from almost impressive self owns, you were wrong. She’s also back in the same realm where constituents defiantly held a drag story time despite her threats that no one had better do that on her watch.

One of Boebert’s “on tour” photos is standing out more than the rest, and this revolves around her bizarre decision to post this photo in the first place. Let’s briefly discuss after the image, which speaks volumes on its own.

“Thanks to my amazing team, Pueblo won’t see that I accidentally sat on lipstick on the drive down,” Boebert tweeted while wearing all white and with a staff member wiping a stain from her tush. “Always an adventure!”

A few questions here: (1) Lipstick? This makes zero sense and feels very transparent, as though Boebert believes that people will not innately know what a red stain on the back of a white skirt means, and seriously, this should not be a big deal. She could have easily covered it up in several ways, including with her favorite accessory: a gun.

(2) Why did she choose to post this photo at all? If it’s an attempt to appear relatable, the lie negates that vibe, and people are wondering why this moment was a shareable one.

And then there are even more merciless jokes, including one about literal (rootin’ and) tootin.’

Heads must still be shaking. Some photos definitely shouldn’t be posted.