Lauren Boebert Is Being Dragged After She And Matt Gaetz ‘Fantasized’ About Blowing Up U.S. Capitol Metal Detectors

Making jokes about explosive devices is a major no-no. That’s the sort of thing that will get civilians thrown off flights with no questions asked and found guilty in a court of law of making true threats. So, what happens when two GOP members of the House of Representatives joke around about setting off explosives to destroy the U.S. Capitol’s metal detectors? Well, that remains to be seen.

Gun-loving (and rootin’ tootin’) Lauren Boebert has shown herself to be very outspoken about her distaste for the metal detectors at the U.S. Capitol. She even protested the searching of her bag and has bragged about her desire to carry on the House Floor. Those devices were installed as a direct response to the Jan. 6 insurrection, and Mediaite reported over the weekend that Matt Gaetz was joking around onstage while stumping for Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, who’s a 2022 congressional hopeful. Gaetz wasn’t subtle, either: “I said, man, is it, is it ‘tannonite’ [sic] or C4 we want to put in those metal detectors and we blow ’em up.”

Subsequently, Gaetz was almost too excited about being called out for his remarks. “If you can’t fantasize about blowing up useless metal detectors with @laurenboebert at a Florida Halloween political rally for @AnthonySabatini, when can you?” he tweeted.

Very quickly, Boebert climbed onboard the irresponsible train with a “I’ll bring the Tannerite!”

Tannerite, which is essentially an over-the-counter explosive substance that’s frequently used for target-practice explosive devices, has been in the headlines a lot lately due to unfortunate gender-reveal party tragedies. The sitting congresswoman also pointed a finger at “the fools who think this would be done inside the Capitol.” She added, “[G]et a life!” and “The metal detectors are useless and we are getting rid of them when Republicans take back the House.”

Let’s just say that people aren’t enjoying this joke, and they’re wondering why the FBI isn’t taking action against lawmakers whose “jokes” could inspire, and literally spark, another January 6-style attack on the Capitol.