Lauren Boebert Left Herself Wide Open For Comebacks As She Celebrated The Supreme Court Shutting Down Student Loan Forgiveness

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert already warned the world how she would react if the Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s student loan forgiveness. On those prior occasions, she did her best to rile people up while also reminding people about her GED, and nothing deterred her from going to town on people struggling with student loans while questions swirled about her campaign finances. Additionally, some of her former employees have accused her of financial hypocrisy.

So, it’s no surprise that Boebert is elated at how the Trump-crafted incarnation of SCOTUS has formally rejected Biden’s plan and has left millions of borrowers wondering how they can afford their payments after the court didn’t seem to take into account the predatory nature of these loans’ interest cycles. The congresswoman from Colorado, however, couldn’t be more thrilled that these people will remain in serious, sometimes insurmountable debt.

“Americans that paid back their student loans and Americans who never even had student loans will not be forced to payback everyone else’s student loans,” Boebert wrote. “Huge victory for personal responsibility and common sense!”

Let’s just say that the “personal responsibility” detail raised a lot of eyebrows. Additionally, people wondered why the repayment of forgiven PPP loans never comes up in Republicans lawmakers’ conversations.

Of course, the GED-related stuff came up too, along with people wondering why on earth anyone would celebrate other peoples’ debt.