Rootin’ Tootin’ GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert Is Blaming America’s Widespread Ice Storm Power Outages On The Green New Deal, Naturally

Rifle-toting Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (representing Colorado) has been stirring up a ruckus on Capitol Hill, first by vowing to carry her Glock in the halls of Congress before throwing a hissy fit following the beefing up of metal detector presence after the failed MAGA coup. She was already a controversial figure in her home state, in which she owns a diner called Shooters Grill (actually located in Rifle, Colorado) and has been accused of providing a firearm to a minor staff member. And she’s got a handful of arrests under her belt, according to the Denver Post. And now, Sarah Palin 2.0 believes that she knows who to blame for the rolling blackouts affecting much of the U.S. during this historic ice and snow storm.

The freshman Congresswoman is pointing her trigger pullers at the Green New Deal, a general set of goals that hope to move the globe to net-zero emissions within decades. The “deal” also calls for affordable housing and universal health care, and so much more, like building out smarter power grids, improving transportation emissions in the U.S., and obviously, a whole ton of the deal has yet to be put into effect. Still, Boebert (along with Tucker Carlson, who ranted about the deal) is making it her mission to blame the Left for what’s happening in Texas and beyond.

Boebert isn’t here for the deal and is taking aim at Biden, who hasn’t wholly embraced the New Green Deal and has presented his own plan instead. “Rolling blackouts from ND to TX have turned into lengthy power outages in freezing conditions,” she tweeted. “Biden needs to lift his oil & gas ban as we need reliable energy sources. The Green New Deal was just proven unsustainable as renewables are clearly unreliable.”

She wasn’t done yet. “You know how you unfreeze frozen windmills?” she sarcastically inquired. “By sending up a helicopter that shoots out chemicals onto the blades. You need fuel for the helicopter. Keep that in mind when thinking how ‘green’ windmills are.”

Well, people are throwing this right back at Boebert, especially since Biden’s Interior Secretary hasn’t even been confirmed yet, so perhaps she should be asking what happened during the Trump administration. Also, there’s the issue of how nothing (not even all the fossil fuels in the world, since many power stations are down and/or frozen, despite the presence of oil and gas leases) can stop ice from forming on power lines.

Well, this debate isn’t going to be settled anytime soon, but one user posted an apparent list of Boebert’s arrests and called that the real “rolling blackout.” Yikes.