Voter Fraud Nonsense Peddler Lauren Boebert Wants Democratic ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Removed From A House Committee

Projection is a powerful drug. The psychological phenomenon involves accusing others of doing the very thing you’re doing. For instance, if you have committed voter fraud in the 2020 election, as two residents of the Florida MAGA haven The Villages did, you probably believe that election was “stolen” from its loser, Donald Trump. Lauren Boebert also believes in 2020 voter fraud nonsense, so of course she’s accusing others of being “conspiracy theorists.”

As per Newsweek, the rootin’-tootin’ representative — who has also shown support for QAnon silliness — went on Fox News’ Unfiltered with Don Bongino to talk about the GOP’s razor thin control over the House. The chamber has already descended into madness and, given their slim majority, there’s not a whole lot Republicans can get done.

But they can sow chaos. And so Boebert says she wants to oust noted anti-Trumpers Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee, claiming they’re the ones with kooky beliefs. Boebert cited Schiff’s belief in Russian interference in the 2016 election, some of which has been debunked. As for Swalwell, he’s been accused of being targeted by a suspected Chinese spy. Those, Boebert claimed, proved a “double standard” when it came to smearing Republicans.

“They’re really showing their colors,” Boebert told Bongino, “They’re a bunch of Blue Anons, conspiracy theorists, that have these witch hunts and hopes that they chase after.” She added, “The Democrats’ double standard is out of control. They want to throw Trump in jail over classified documents, and with Biden it’s ‘let’s wait and see.’”

Boebert was mostly peddling false equivalencies. For one thing, Trump was caught with far more classified documents than Biden. What’s more, Trump has been accused of obstructing investigators while Biden is cooperating fully.

In any case, neither Schiff nor Swalwell have ever voiced beliefs as out-there as “Jewish space lasers,” as once believed by Boebert’s former bestie Marjorie Taylor Greene.

(Via Newsweek)