A Roomba Lawn Mower Just Got One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality


The robot revolution that was depicted in Terminator 2: Judgement Day appears to be one step closer to becoming a reality. According to Reuters, iRobot (makers of the Roomba vacuum) has recently received FCC approval on the design of a new hands-free robot lawn mower.

Reuters reports that iRobot “has designed a robot lawn mower that would wirelessly connect with stakes in the ground operating as signal beacons, rising above the ground by as much as 24 inches (61 cm).”

One of the company’s biggest obstacles, according to Reuters, was convincing the FCC the wireless stakes used to guide the machine wouldn’t interfere with other devices using a similar frequency. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory also has taken issue with the mower, stating it could interfere with its telescopes. Despite this objection, the FCC (which apparently favors cool robots over observing space) ended up giving the robotics company a special waiver, allowing them to continue design on the mower.

While robot mowers are nothing new, this one looks like it will be more consumer-friendly than the current competition.

Hasta la vista, grass.

(Via Reuters, Daily Dot)