Leonardo DiCaprio Is Clearly A Time-Traveling Lady Vampire From The 1960s Named Judy Zipper

We’ve been providing hard-hitting celebrity time-traveling vampire coverage since 2011, and as long as movie stars continue to resemble old black and white photos of non-famous people, we’ll continue writing ridiculous headlines and using the Time-Traveling Vampires tag. That’s a promise.

The latest suspect is none other than internet favorite Leonardo DiCaprio. One intrepid Tumblogger was casually thumbing through their grandmother’s old yearbook recently — because that’s totally something to do — and the mystery began to unravel

I found Leonardo DiCaprio in my grandmothers yearbook from 1960… Suuure “Judy Zipper”

It certainly is a striking resemblance. And the whole think makes almost TOO much sense. Agelessness, gender swapping, garlic allergies, the Zipper surname, the twist at the end of Shutter Island. Bu-bu-busted, Leo. Don’t attempt to strut your way out of this one. Full Judy Zipper yearbook photo for your own investigation after the jump, followed by what I can only assume will be DiCaprio’s reaction to the news his secret is uncovered.

Well played, internet. Well played.

Lo-ParksTheCar via Buzzfeed