What We Were All Really Thinking While Watching ‘Les Miserables’

Let’s face it: Les Miz was a long, wonky filmed filled with way too many close ups and too many eyes rolls (at least from me) in the audience. It wasn’t that the film was bad, it was, like, totally good in a “I’m obsessed with musicals” kind of way. But one Tumblr honestly captions the film with what we were all thinking.

Uh oh, Russell Crowe is here.

Who doesn’t love a good reference to The Princess Diaries?

All the scenes between Aaron Tveit and Eddie Redmayne.

The scenes with Cosette aka Amanda Seyfried.

And finally, this golden nugget of a caption:

Check out more captions here. Sadly there’s not enough Anne Hathaway captions but I guess she was only on screen for less than 20 minutes.