Wacky Trump Legal Advisor L. Lin Wood Is Calling For Mike Pence To Face ‘Execution By Firing Squad’ For Committing ‘Treason’

They were called his “Elite Strike Force” — the all-star legal team who sought to overturn the 2020 election, allowing their employer, Donald J. Trump, to stay in office for four more years. But not only was there no proof of malfeasance, the lawyers have proven to be bumbling stooges. Rudy Giuliani has borne the brunt of public mockery, but L. Lin Wood hasn’t exactly been laying low. Last month he actually told Georgian Republicans not to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff, which could cost Mitch McConnell his Majority Leader position. Now Wood is calling for the execution of outgoing vice president Mike Pence.

In a trio of tweets, Wood — who rose to prominence by defending Richard Jewell, the rent-a-cop wrongly accused of the terrorist bombing at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics — turned his ire not on Democrats but on Republicans, who he accused of conspiring with “Globalists,” George Soros, the Chinese Communist Party, and “other foreign countries.” Wood has regularly promoted conspiracy theories, so this wasn’t new for him.

However, Wood soon went next level. When replying to someone with the handle “American Dawg,” who questioned his reasoning, the attorney doubled down, saying Pence should face a “firing squad.”

Wood’s comments were roundly mocked and condemned on social media.

Even Jenna Ellis, fellow “Elite Strike Force” member, distanced herself from her colleague.

But Ellis’ attempts to disavow herself from one of her deranged coworkers was also met with derision.

Even her attempt to clap back failed miserably.

In any case, maybe holding a press conference at a random landscaping company or having melting goo run down the side of your face isn’t as bad as publicly calling for the death of an elected official.

(Via Business Insider)