These Terry Richardson Photos Of Lindsay Lohan Are Every Pervert Hipster's Fantasy

When the Center for Disease Control is bombarded with phone calls from thousands of victims of a new breed of STD in a week, they’ll have Terry Richardson to thank. The too-tight skinny jeans of people invited Lindsay Lohan to his studio for a new photo shoot on Terry’s Diary, and we must admit, she looks rather pretty, if slightly ridiculous. Whether that’s because she’s past the worst of her troubles or because she got rid of all her bad voodoo when she destroyed a car with Billy Eichner is beside the point. Just be happy that you weren’t in California when Terry met Lindsay. And if you were, you might want to go to the doctor ASAP.

Hm, that last one looks familiar.

Ooohhh baby, that’s a rip-off.

All photos via Terry’s Diary