Lindsey Graham’s Uncomfortable, Shifty-Eyed ‘I Miss Trump’ Declaration On Fox News Has Everyone Making The Same Joke

Lindsey Graham’s bizarre allegiance to former President Trump continues to baffle people. This isn’t a stance that he’s attempted to hide, of course. Earlier this year and even in the face of the insurrection, he’s dropped strange quotes about wanting wanting to “harness the magic” of Trump. Even though Trump’s clearly problematic, Graham declared that the Republican party “can’t grow” without the twice-impeached ex-prez, but things are growing even weirder. Potentially Twilight Zone-ish, even, if reactions to Lindsey’s mannerisms during his latest Fox News appearance are to be believed.

Graham popped onto the conservative cable news network to talk about President Biden at the G7 Summit and his concern that other countries aren’t afraid of the Democratic leader. The senator from South Carolina groused about how Biden isn’t pushing back enough against Russia (not that Trump ever did that) and China, and Graham complained, “This is just all fluff and happy talk.” He then added, “I miss Trump.”

No one asked for the awkward “I miss Trump” declaration… or did they? Zooming into Graham’s facial expression is, uh, a little disconcerting.

Granted, it’s a little conspiracy-ish to really suggest that there’s something afoot here, but Graham does seem a little, I don’t know, uncomfortable? His demeanor is not unlike Chris Christie’s infamous “hostage face” immediately after he pulled out of the 2016 Republican primary and aligned himself with Trump. That awkward alignment soon led to Christie becoming Trump’s McDonald’s-fetching manservant, so one wonders, exactly, if something similar is going on with Graham. Will he soon be counting Trump’s M&M’s at Mar-a-Lago? Why is he putting his whole reputation on the line for a guy that got voted out of the White House after suggesting that people inject bleach into their bodies to protect against COVID?

Well, no one really knows what Lindsey was thinking when he said the “I miss Trump” line, but there are an awful lot of “hostage” and “proof of life” jokes out there.

Not that these jokes necessarily mean anything, other than people guessing that there’s some dirt out there that Lindsey may not want to be released. If that’s the case, could it possibly be worse than making these embarrassing statements on TV?