The Bizarre Details Of A Serial Lingerie Thief Who Was Caught With 185 Worn Panties

lingerie thief

In 2014, a Chinese man in the province of Guangxi was arrested after amassing nearly 2,000 pairs of used panties and bras from women in his neighborhood. Officials only caught wind of his theft when the ceiling collapsed from the weight of the undergarments.

Now, almost a year later, there’s a copycat of sorts in the Chinese city of Liyang. According to People’s Daily, police were conducting a routine check on a suspicious van when they happened upon hundreds of stolen used bras and panties. The man confessed that he had been stealing the unmentionables for almost three years.

Even more bizarre is how he got his hands on them.

Via The Guardian:

According to local police, the thief reportedly used a custom-made tool similar to a fishing rod to steal the undergarments.

He told police that he started stealing only a few items at first but soon became unable to control himself, stealing the clothes more frequently.

Let’s back up for a second here because I’m quite confused about the fishing rod. I have some questions:

1) Was he walking around with the fishing pole out in the open, like over his shoulder, whistling?
2) What kind of rod are we talking about here? Like a Barbie pole for kids or a full-fledged Bassmaster type thing?
3) Wait, maybe it was a fly fishing pole? More pinpoint accuracy through windows.

Anyway, it feels like we’re not getting the whole story here. For now, be on the lookout for suspicious looking folks with fishing poles. Also, people in vans with loads of underwear. Be weary of them, too.