10 'Little Face Mitt' Images Capture What Election 2012 Would Be Like If Mitt Romney Had A Tiny Face

I realize there’s underlying political bias to the “Little Face Mitt” project that Wisconsin humorist Reuben Glaser is currently conducting on the internet, but politics are in the same class as rattlesnakes and condoms for me so I’m sharing strictly for the undeniable “it’s funny because his face is too small for the rest of his face” lulz.

I’m undecided whether the whole thing works simply because Mitt Romney’s facial features are the perfectly proportioned candidates for tinification, or simply because it’s Mitt Romney, but I think we can all agree it just feels right. Paul Ryan makes for a pretty mean little face himself, so maybe it’s funny on everyone (but most especially Mittens) and could revive the caricature artist theme park industry. Tinify all the faces! Release Dick Tracy on Blu-Ray!

For now though I invite all of you to scroll through and imagine how much more enjoyable the 2012 Presidential Election would be if Mitt Romney looked exactly like one of the tar babies from Nothing But Trouble (a movie that has been entirely useless outside of Tupac references up until now).