Logan Paul Plunked Down $3.5 Million For Rare Pokémon Cards, And Fans Are Sure They’re Fake

There’s never a dull moment for former YouTube titan Logan Paul, who somehow came back from the whole “suicide forest” controversy years ago to amass an absurd amount of money. Since that time, he’s been fighting with Floyd Mayweather and feuding with Jimmy Kimmel (who dubbed him as one of the world’s worst humans). In addition, Logan declared that he wants to avoid California taxes by moving to Puerto Rico (and his announcement wasn’t welcomed), where he purchased a $13.5 million mansion and hopped onto the island.

Back to that absurd amassing of money, though, and Logan’s recent revelation that he spent $3.5 million (an amount that most people barely even dream about) on a “sealed & authenticated box of 1st Edition Pokémon cards.”

He was so thrilled by this Base Set purchase that Logan showed off a video of this apparently rare, unopened set, which he called “the only known one in the world.”

Well, the predominant Pokémon fan community over at the Pokébeach site reacted with the utmost skepticism about “the most expensive purchase in the history of the Pokemon TCG.” Pokébeach noted that they previously didn’t report on Logan’s purchase (at the time of the bragging) because they didn’t believe the set — which has quite a history, as the piece notes of sketchy inconsistencies about the set’s origins, all of which have been questioned after it appeared on eBay nearly a year ago — was what the eBay seller claimed it to be. Furthermore, YouTuber Rattle has laid out all the signs that point toward the set’s inauthenticity in a 42-minute video (one of four installments on the subject that are available on the Rattle Pokemon YouTube channel).

Long story short, this set was already suspected of being inauthentic for several months before Logan “dropped” his money. And this was apparently all news to him, for he’s now decided to fly “to Chicago this weekend to verify the case with BBCE, the company who insured [the set’s] authenticity.”

More news shall be forthcoming, no doubt. And it remains mind-boggling that anyone would pay that much money for a set of cards, authentic or not, period.