A Loose Cow Wouldn’t Moo-ve Out Of The Way Of An Oklahoma Highway And Had To Be Lassoed By A Cowboy

Mondays, am I right? You never know what life is going to throw at you on Garfield’s least favorite day. It could be an early morning meeting with the boss before you’ve even had a chance to drink your coffee, it could be having to catch up on studying after spending all weekend in a drunken haze, or it could be a cow causing a traffic jam.

“Sky 5 was flying over the moments when cowboys and emergency crews wrangled a cow that got loose on a busy Oklahoma City highway,” the KOCO 5 News Twitter account tweeted this morning. The video begins with two trucks surrounding the cow, but the crafty bovine escapes the makeshift encampment and continues to run. As the helicopter continues to follow the cow from above, a man in a cowboy hat (Benedict Cumberbatch?) arrives on horseback and lassos the farm animal. “Get him, get him, get him, stay on him, stay on him, YES,” a voice says as the cow is slowed down.

Hopefully the drivers steered out of the way of the (first) cow, which are best herd from afar, not seen on the road. The steaks were high. OK, I’m done. I wouldn’t bullsh*t you.

You can (and should) watch the runaway cow video below.

(Via Mediaite)