Lori Loughlin Broke Her Silence Over The College Admissions Scandal, Saying It Left Her ‘Broken’

One of the biggest — and weirdest — stories of 2019 concerned “Operation Varsity Blues,” in which a number of wealthy parents were involved in a conspiracy to get their kids into top universities. Felicity Huffman was one of them. So was Lori Loughlin, whose one part of the case dominated headlines for months and months. The former Full House actress wound up losing most of her gigs and spending two months in jail in late 2020. Now, a year-and-a-hgalf later, she’s finally speaking up, albeit briefly, about what she went through.

Over the weekend, Loughlin appeared on the telethon for Project Angel Food on Los Angeles’ KTLA, a nonprofit that works to provide food for those with food insecurity. She spoke about how working with the charitable organization made her feel better during a low point in her life.

“They welcomed me with such open arms at a time when I was feeling particularly down and broken,” Loughlin said. She said she’d “found a home” with the nonprofit, saying “they really do care.” She added, “It’s really a community. It’s more than just feeding people, it’s about loving people and helping people.”

Loughlin’s relatively short stint in prison was nothing compared to Huffman, who served a mere 14 days. Meanwhile, Loughlin’s YouTuber daughter Olivia Jade — who got into the University of Southern California as a result of her parent’s underhanded behavior — has parlayed her increased fame from the controversy into a Dancing with the Stars stint. She finished in eighth place.

(Via KTLA and The Daily Beast)