People Aren’t Buying Madison Cawthorn Reason For Why He’s Missed More Votes Than Any New Congressperson

As far as freshman congresspeople go, Madison Cawthorn hasn’t achieved the notoriety of a Marjorie Taylor Greene or a Lauren Boebert. Perhaps he’s not up for the job. He couldn’t even spread 2020 election lies without badly fumbling the job. The worst thing he’s done is inexplicably visit Hitler’s vacation home. But there’s one thing he’s better at that anyone else: He’s missed more votes than any new representative in Congress.

According to the data analysis firm Quorum, Cawthorn missed over a dozen congressional votes in April alone. Indeed, the five freshmen who’ve missed the most votes are all Republicans, who seem to spend most of their time harassing colleagues and getting kicked off of committees. Cawthorn was not ashamed at his poor record, though.

“To that, I really laugh,” he said on the conservative program Real America’s Voice News. “It shows how the Democrats feel about the nuclear family in America right now. I was doing the only thing that I find more important than my service in Congress, and that’s my service as a husband.”

He blamed Congress for letting “votes pile up” the week he was on his honeymoon with his wife, Cristina Bayardelle, who he married last year. Besides, they weren’t bills he thought were important anyway.

“Every single vote that came up was some Democrat garbage, so I was happy to be able to not actually have to vote on those,” Cawthorn said. “They’re eliminating our voices. They’re not allowing us to debate on the House floor. And, I’m telling you, if I had to choose between voting with Nancy Pelosi or spending time with my beautiful wife, I’ll choose Cristina every time.”

But people on social media were not buying his excuse.

Cawthorn isn’t the first Republican lawmaker to effectively blame his family for why he didn’t do his job. Ted Cruz infamously put the blame on his kids when he fled to Mexico for vacation while his state of Texas was experiencing a freak winter storm.

(Via Insider)