The Reviews For The MAGA Christmas Ornament Are High Key Hilarious

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In a move scary enough to make me think they switched up Christmas with Halloween, someone had the bright idea to turn those red hats that say “Make America Great Again” into Christmas tree ornaments. Proponents of this slogan used it to support T**** on his campaign trail, and inexplicably kept wearing them when he bragged about sexual harassment, refused to show disdain for white supremacists, and ate steak well done.

Apparently, many people are disgusted with the slogan and are ready to wage a WAR ON CHRISTMAS by writing snarky, petty, sarcastic, HI-LARIOUS reviews on Amazon.

Even the positive reviews were snarky, in nature, and very critical of the current regime, er, Presidency.

The ornaments are made of brass and finished in 14 karat gold. They cost almost $100 each, and are thus perfect for the 1% (one person suggests buying enough for your whole tree).

If anything, this shows how the 45 supporters think, though they missed an excellent chance to make one in the shape of a snowflake.