Watch This Guy Accidentally Set His Apartment On Fire In The Middle Of A Livestream

This has many clones so far online, but according to Reddit, it shows an alleged Japanese man on Twitch that manages to discover why you shouldn’t play with fire. The good stuff begins at the 5 minute mark in the video (if it isn’t already synced there), when our friend attempts to light a match and ends up lighting the box on fire. Then he tosses the flames to the ground and ends up lighting a bag of tissues or paper on fire.

He essentially lives in a room full of fuel to keep a fire going and the entire video is just a series of unfortunate decisions and events that were captured perfectly by these comments on Reddit.

The entire thread is growing and possibly worth a read, but I’m more curious whether the guy is alright. Hopefully he decided to finally give up and leave the house. Judging from the video, though, I would believe that he has gone to grab another tin of water in an attempt to douse the flames and save the building. That, or he’s given up completely and is on his way out of the country. One extreme or the other.

(Via YouTube / Reddit)