Florida Man Trashes His ‘Psychic’ Girlfriend’s Car After She Predicts His Dead Grandma Will Use Sex Toy On Him

Florida Psychic

There are few things worse than when you are casually hanging out with your psychic girlfriend and she tells you about a distinct vision she had where your dead grandmother will appear to you in a dream and and use a sex toy on you. I can tell you, it has happened to me a dozen or so times (the psychic girlfriend part AND the dead Grandma part) and it never gets easier. I’ll tell you this, too: you don’t react by trashing the psychic girlfriend’s car and throwing a used condom in it. You just don’t react that way. It’s not kosher.

But a man named Casey Molter did just that:

Casey Molter took exception to his mystic partner’s latest premonition, detailed in a police report.

She prophesized that his late grandmother would appear to him in a dream and “commit an unusual sex act to him involving an adult erotic device”.

Police claim that the 28-year-old “could not get the image out of his head and he snapped,” smashing up her 1997 Nissan Altima in an alleged retribution.

Everyone knows in section 214.a of the “dating a psychic girlfriend” rule book it clearly states: you cannot react aggressively in any manner when you find out your dead Granny may visit you and use a sex toy on you in a dream. It can be shocking news, but it’s part and parcel to dating psychic women.

The next section in said book also says: She WILL bring up a donkey, and again, don’t flip out. Let’s hope Casey gets his hands on that book or some anger management classes before THAT bomb gets dropped.

Via The Mirror