Marc Maron Took A Swing At Joe Rogan’s Multimillion Dollar Contract And The ‘Human Centipede In Austin’

Marc Maron doesn’t shy away from kicking the hornet’s nest a little bit. He famously did so while referring to MCU fans as “grown male nerdchilds” before he (briefly) appeared in Warner Bros.’ Joker. The stand-up comic and GLOW star geared up to ruffle some more feathers, this time in a different universe, while firing a shot at fellow podcaster Joe Rogan. In the process, Maron owned up to being a little “bitter” about the reported $100 million deal that Rogan scored to move over to Spotify (and he also moved to Austin, Texas), yet one cannot help but take a pause over the vibrant (and graphic) language used in the below exchange.

This all went down when Maron appeared as a guest on the 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast with host Tom Segura, to whom Maron remarked, “You’re not one of those guys that rented space in Joe’s ass.” Oh boy, that theme continued: “There’s like a human centipede in Austin. It’s Elon Musk, Joe Rogan and three middle acts.”

That led to Maron realizing that the masses would come for him. “See, people are going to see that and say, ‘Look at Maron, he’s bitter.’… Why wouldn’t I be?” Maron wondered aloud. “One hundred million dollars for going ‘I don’t know.’ Really?… Rogan’s pushing back: ‘I don’t know, man.'”

And then Maron shifted slightly to a whaddya-gonna-do approach. “Look, god bless,” he declared. “I’m going to sit here and accept Austin as the next Shangri-La… it’s like the Hipster Alamo.” Maron clarified that he’s spent time in Austin and enjoys it quite a bit, but as Segura noted, it’s “not like any other Texas experience.” Yep, Maron’s point was that people mention that they’re moving to “Austin” without saying “Texas,” and it’s a very trendy thing to do these days. No wonder the price of Austin real-estate is rising more rapidly than in the rest of the country.

Watch Maron’s comments on Rogan starting at the 58:00 minute mark below.