Marco Rubio’s Getting Roasted Over His Sarcastic Tweet About Celebrity Speakers At Conventions

Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio became a master of the self-own on Twitter following his return to senatorland. Some of his recent hits have included calling gun control an “infection,” paying tribute to late civil rights icon John Lewis by posting a photo of Elijah Cummings, and cracking an Antifa joke while mulling over how to have football this year. He kept his streak going on Monday night with a sarcastic tweet in response to actress Eva Longoria speaking at the Democratic convention.

“Brilliant move!” Rubio wrote about Longoria (who holds a masters degree in Chicano studies and advocates for representation in STEM fields). “No one is more in touch with the challenges & obstacles faced by everyday Americans than actors & celebrities.”

How soon they forget… Rubio appears to have overlooked the fact that the GOP often brings its own arsenal of celebrities who speak at conventions. Although the list for this year’s event hasn’t been confirmed, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to expect Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr. to step up to the (virtual) podium again as they did in 2016, which is the reason why a false tweet about those two, along with Ted Nugent, being confirmed for 2020 feels so believable. And let’s not forget about this moment in 2012, where Clint Eastwood used his RNC stage time to shout at an empty chair, immediately prior to Rubio’s appointed time onstage.

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As one might expect, Roasted Rubio is on the menu again with lots of tweets about Eastwood, along with mentions of Baio and a certain reality-star-turned-president.

The DNC continues tonight with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the agenda. Rubio should, uh, enjoy the proceedings once again.